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indoor boat storage

Boat And RV Storage

If you've been looking for indoor boat & RV storage close to Tim's Ford Lake, you've come to the right place!

We offer:

  • Parking stalls in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

  • Self-service parking means you can drop off and pick up whenever you need.

  • Sizes ranging from 13' wide and 45' long, to 10'x20' stalls for smaller boats or vehicles. 

  • 24 hour video surveillance

  • Keypad access & locks

  • 14' High bay doors for boats and RV's

Reserve your space today!

Boat & RV Size Guide

Boat & RV Size Guide
boat and rv storage guide

Class A - 35' - 45' Long

  • 13'x35'

  • 13'x45'

Our largest stalls feature and extra wide 13' by 45' deep. Giving you extra space on both sides for safety pulling in and out. (Standard parking stalls are 10' wide)

These stalls will easily fit the largest boats, RV's or Class A motor coaches. 

boat and rv storage sizes

Class B - 30' Long

  • 12'x30'

  • 10'x30'

Our Class B stalls are great for fishing boats, trailers, small speed boats and campers or RV's under 30'. 

The standard boat trailer is 8.5' wide, which means you'll have plenty of space moving in or out of either of our Class B spaces. 

Boat and Rv storage stall

Class C - 20' Long

  • 10'x20'

Our Class C stalls are good for smaller boats, cars, small campers and trailers 20' and under.

*Stall lengths include from boat motor to front of trailer tongue. Widths include full width of trailer.

Questions about

your parking space?

Give us a call! 

(931) 346-1981

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