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indoor storage units

Storage Units Decherd

Our secure storage units are perfect for your sensitive belongings. Our facilities feature a wide range of unit sizes, in 4 locations throughout Decherd & Winchester, so you can store when you need it, where you need it.



  • Individual locks and 24 hour video surveillance.

  • 24 hr access with personalized door code on indoor facility.

  • Units ranging from 5'x5' up to 20'x20'

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Self Storage Size Guide

Climate contrl Size guide
storage unit size guide

5'x5' Storage Unit

At 25 sq. ft. these small units are like the size of a standard closet. Good for small furniture, extra boxes and seasonal decorations.

storage unit size guide

5'x10' Storage Unit

Approximately the size of a walk-in closet. This 50 sq. ft. unit is good for minimal furniture, chairs, drawers, a mattress or office equipment.

storage unit size guide

10'x10'. Storage Unit

Half the size of a one car garage, 100 sq. ft. will fit the contents of a living room or a one bedroom apartment. Good for appliances and furniture.

storage unit size guide

10'x15' Storage Unit

This larger unit can hold the contents of 2 to 3 bedrooms. Great for larger major appliances, boxes, miscellaneous items and boxes.

storage unit size guide

10'x20' Storage Unit

At 200 sq. ft. this is the size of a standard one car garage. Capable of multiple storage racks and 3-4 bedrooms worth of stuff.

storage unit size guide

10'x30' Storage Unit

This large unit offers 300 sq. ft., which is a standard double car garage! Great for beds, couches, tables, large appliances and much more.

Helpful Self Storage Tips

1. Make a list of everything you plan to store in the unit. This will help you determine the right size unit for your needs and make it easier to stay organized. 2. Use sturdy boxes or containers to store your items. This will help protect them from damage and make it easier to stack them in the unit. 3. Label each box or container with its contents. This will make it easier to find what you're looking for when you need to access the unit. 4. Consider using climate-controlled storage if you'll be storing items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. This will help protect them from damage caused by extreme temperatures and moisture. 5. Use protective covers or wrap delicate items in bubble wrap to help prevent damage. 6. Stack boxes and containers neatly in the unit, leaving aisles for easy access. 7. Leave a little extra space in the unit for ease of access. This will make it easier to move around and find what you're looking for. 8. Keep an inventory of the items you've stored in the unit. This will help you keep track of everything and make it easier to retrieve items when you need them. 9. Consider purchasing insurance for your stored items. This will provide protection in case of damage or loss. Be sure to regularly visit the unit to check on your stored items and make sure everything is in good condition. This will help ensure that your belongings are well-maintained and protected.

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